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Thanks to Michael, we know now that "Who Dunnit?" issue #2 from Eclipse has been put out in Nov. 1986.


Punisher cover number #5 from a five part mini series. Pencils and inks by Gulacy.


Thanks to Justin, take a look at this scan of a Valiant card.


Here's a review about "Spies, Vixens, And Masters Of Kung Fu: The Art Of Paul Gulacy".


A sneak peak at the Punisher Valentines Special cover coming in early 2006. Art by Paul. Story and inks by Jimmy Palmiotti.


A message from Paul :

                Hello everyone,

        Wow! Here we are with 2005 coming to a rapid close. Another year with more wackiness occurring in the world. There are plenty of sites and blogs that deal with those issues but this is a pop culture site, so, we'll keep it there.
        I think I was up in the air more than down on earth this year. A whole lot of travelling. One of my favorite stops was the Big Apple Con in New York City early this year. Of all the fans I've met, the New York fans are the one's who keep it real. They're the best. Mike Carbonnaro throws a great show. At the San Diego Comicon we promoted the "Art Of." book to a host of eager fans. "We" being the Vanguard Publishing display booth. In late June, my family received the bad news that my father was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away on July 4th. My mother who suffers from Alzheimers Disease now resides in a nursing home. Not the best time to crank out a Tom Strong comic. I've got the loving, personal memories and it's all good. Almost. It's part of life and life goes on.
        The "Art Of" book was finally premiered at the DragonCon in Atlanta. If you've never seen this, you gotta get there. 20,000 people dressed in up in fantasy costumes. Some just wearing paint! It was loads of fun. Pat Henry, who hosts the show, deserves a standing ovation. As huge as DragonCon is, it still has the flavor of a convention unlike San Diego which feels more corporate. Not that that's a bad thing, just two different venues.
        The Vanguard room included Howard Chaykin, Frank Brunner, David Spurlock, Art Suydam, Rene Witterstaetter, Tim Bradstreet, Basil Gogos and myself.
        Two weeks ago I hosted a guest who dropped in to hang out and that would be our favorite webmaster--Matt Bortolin. He flew in from Paris to visit relatives in Montreal. Being so close, well, maybe not that close, Matt jumped on a bird and came to Portland. We had a good time. Matt's a swell guy.
        One of the highlights was taking Matt to see Howard Hughes' awesome airplane--the Spruce Goose which resides now in an aviation museum in nearby McMinnville, Oregon.

        Hey, if you missed the Batman/Ra's Al Ghul series that ran earlier this year you're in luck. D.C. will print it as a trade paperback very soon. Tom Strong #34 may still be on the stands. Check your local comic shops. Also, I recently completed a 20 page Escapist story for Dark Horse featuring a Sabre-like character as the Escapist in a spin on the 60's black films where even Pam Grier makes an appearance! This story is written by author and filmmaker--Gary Phillips.
        My next gig takes me back to a place where it all started for me--Marvel. That would be a 34 page Punisher story written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. This book is scheduled to tie in with Valentines Day. Jimmy and I wrap that up and bounce back to D. C. for a 5 part JLA series.

        That's it for now, folks. Thanks for dropping in and we'll try to keep you posted on any news. In regards to conventions, I'll be appearing in Detroit in March with Jim Steranko and at another show in Dayton, Ohio in April. More info on these to come. Till next time ---

        Take care,



Webmaster's speaking :

No the site is not down. I have just too much work at my pay-job. Anyway, I will be far far from my computer the next two weeks. I'm going to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And from there I will go to the States to pay a visit to Paul. I hope to be back with a ton of cool stuff.

But before leaving, Dave just told me that :

    Hi Matt
    The Thunder Agents Companion (which includes a 28 page previously unpublished Gulacy story) is now listed by Diamond Comics as being in stores next Wednesday Sept. 28th. It is also supposed to contain additional Thunder Agents material by Paul.


Paul WILL make an appearance at the Dragon Con, in Atlanta.


Here's a mail from Dave :

    Hi Matt
    According to Mike Kronenberg, the Art of Gulacy book should be out by the end of this month (August). Also, the THUNDER Agents Companion (which includes a 28 page unpublished Gulacy story) will be out on September 14th.

And Paul should make an appearance at the Dragon Con, in Atlanta.


Webmaster's speaking :

Sorry guys, but at my work, July is a big month. We work like devils. So again Sorry about the lack of updates. So check this three good pages from "Batamn : Year One" Issue 2 : pages 5, 23 and 27.


A scene from "Batman : Year One" issue #2


Common, everybody sings with me : Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, dear webmaster. Happy birthday to you! Thanks.


Henry sent me this B&W scan of the cover from MoKF issue #64. Thanks Henry.


A new scene from "Batman : Year One".


Henry just mail me that I still have some stuff he sent me a long (long) time ago. So here's a page from "Deadly Hand of Kung Fu" issue #5.

This picture is the story Paul Gulacy got hired by Marvel on when he was 19. It was his first submission.


Batman lives!


You like fireman? So check this fresh page!


I just learned that Paul will be in Oakland this week-end.


Two more pages here and here.


Gustavo just sent me some corrections for the list part 4

And again another page from "Batman : Year One"


How about another page?.

Paul will be doing one issue of "Tom Strong" for Wildstorm - Grant Morrison doing the writing.


Two more scenes from "Batman : Year One", pages 1 and 5.


Paul will be in New York DC this week end, saturday the second and Sunday the third of April. He will attend to the Big Apple Con.


And the story goes on :

Pages 12 and 13.


Two pages from the next two issue miniseries penciled by Paul :

Pages 5 and 9.


Check this Conan pin-up, done back in 1989. Thanks Gustavo for the scan.


Here is the cover to "Catwoman" #42. Let me remind you that his issue is not penciled by Gulacy!


Thanks to Carl, some dead links on the "Old News" page have been fixed. Thanks buddy.


Here's a teaser to Paul's new mini series


   For nearly six hundred years, Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Head, both exploited and protected the secret of immortality. For nearly six hundred years, he was his own reincarnation, weaving in and out of ventures, identities, even history itself. Once a talented physician serving the Arabian ruling class, Ra's eventually came to perceive Planet Earth as his foremost patient and humanity as the virus threatening her health and very existence. And for the last decade, he fought to either win to his cause or destroy Gotham's Dark Knight detective, in the process emerging as one of Batman's deadliest foes.

   Now Ra's al Ghul is dead, his Lazarus Pits destroyed, his legacy in ruins. Beyond the grave, his death has triggered a global catastrophe worse than anything the Demon's Head ever unleashed in life. First, Batman must race against time to stop the nightmare rampage of the living dead now prowling Gotham's streets.
Story : Devin Grayson - Art : Paul Gulacy - Inks : Jimmy Palmiotti - Colors : Laurie Kronenberg


We have another fan surfing the Web. Thanks to Carl, a lot of bad links have been fixed. Thank you, Carl!


And now, Gustavo from Spain, just mailed me to warn me about the release of a "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" TPB, with unpublished stories by Paul Gulacy! thanks for the news, Gustavo.


Take a look at what I found on E-bay a few minute ago... Woahhhhhhhhhh. Lovely........


Gustavo from Spain tells me that Catwoman issue #34 will be printed again in the TPB : "Batman : War Games Act One

Date of release : February 16th


Here is a mail Dave sent me a few days ago :

Hi Matt
As you may or may not know, Back Issue magazine # 9 by Twomorrows Publishing, which is due out in March of 2005, features an interview by Steve Rude who also provides the cover which is a color recreation of the cover to Nexus Magazine # 1. Remember, the original cover to Nexus Magazine # 1 was done by Paul Gulacy. In an e-mail to me, the editor Michael Eury, indicated that he plans to include the Gulacy version of the cover inside the magazine, as well, so that fans would be able to compare the differences. Steve Rude has also previously credited Gulacy as being one of his primary influences in comic art.


Not a lot of news lately. Paul is working on his next job, Batman. More news as soons as I get them!


Catwoman issue #38 will be the last penciled by Paul.


Happy new year my friends!

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