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This is the year 2004 old updates of the site. To see the lastest news click here.


Here are all the pages from Catwoman issue #37 already posted on the site.


Hi guys. It's been a while! Well I had some minor problems with my last web hosting company. So I had to move the site to another one. And who says it was easy? Well it is, but not when you do it for the first time.

Now I'm back at work on the site. Stay tuned!


Well, who says I was not handsome?


More pages from Catwoman issue #37 :

7th, 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th and 13th pages.


Henry sent me this :

MoKF issue #20 pages 17 and 18, and #53 page 14

MoKF issue #22 pages 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.


Don't forget to read these news from Paul!

Henry, Henry, what can I say? Thanks!

Giant Size MoKF issue #1 pages 1 2, 6, 9, 12 and 17.


And, again, Henry sent me this :

DHoKF issue #2 page 64

DHoKF issue #2 pages 42, 50 and 62.


Three more pages from Catwoman issue #37 :

4th, 5th and 6th pages.

And here you'll be able to see all the pages I have on the issue #36.


Here are some news from Paul!

And, again, Henry sent me this :

MoKF issue #19 pages 6, 7, 9 and 12.


Henry sent me this :

MoKF issue #18 pages 1 and 12.

MoKF issue #19 pages 1 and 5.


We have a new friend! Henry just sent me a lot of scans. He did some work to enhance them.

Let's begin with Master of Kung Fu : Covers #51, #55, #64, and #67.

Thanks Henry. Good work!


Paul sent me this concept cover for "The Art of Gulacy" book.

Here are the cover of "Catwoman" issue #37, and pages 1, 2 and 3. Enjoy!


Here are some news about an ilo Paul did for a portfolio on "Spiderman 2 : the movie" :

I did some research. The Spiderman 2 Comic Book Artists Portfolio is an exclusive limited edition that is supposedly only available when you purchase the Spiderman 2 DVD 2 gift pack. It includes 25 artists (including Paul) who each did a drawing of Spiderman especially for this new portfolio. So, apparently it was published in 2004. Amazon.com lists this item at $37.95 which includes the DVD, portfolio & a comic. It is scheduled for a November release. The portfolio reportedly measures 7" x 5". That's what I know.

Thanks Dave for your mail!


Check the cover to the unpublished Captain Victory issue #2. Thanks David

Here's the first page of Catwoman #36.I don't know what you think, but I really like this page


David is the owner of the cool cover I told you about yesterday. And he send me a great scan of it. the quality is really better than the one I posted yesterday. Check it out again. And by the way, it's not the cover to issue #2, but to issue #1.

I will post the second cover David sent me, tomorrow.


Hey! Hey! Hey! That's the laugh of a guy who knows something about Paul Gulacy thats Dave do not know.... Click here to see what it is.


And the story goes on! Check this pages (15- 16- 17) from Catwoman issue #36


I did the same as below but for the issue #34. Enjoy.


If you want, you can have a look at all the pages from Catwoman issue #25 that I have posted on the site.

And of course, for more covers, check the gallery.


It's time for some previews on pages 12, 13 and 14 from Catwoman issue #36


Take a look at the 15th, 16th and 17th pages from Catwoman issue #35

And thanks to Jan, from Denmark, the List part 3 has been updated.


Three more pages from Catwoman issue #35 : page 12, 13 and 14.


If you're lucky enough to live near Baltimore, U.S.A., well try to go to the Baltimore Comic-Con next saturday and Sunday.


And the story goes on : here are page 10 and 11 from the soon to be published Catwoman issue #35


At last an update! So take a look at this page frome issue #35 of Catwoman.


If you want, you can have a look at all the pages from Catwoman issue #34 that I have posted on the site.


Here's a photo of Paul and friends at the Vanguard booth, San Diego 2004.


Gustavo sent me this scan of a T-shirt with a good "Star Fem" picture on it.

A new scene from Catwoman issue #34, that's page 1.


Thanks to Franck, now you're able to look at the drawing Paul did for the '78 Marvel calendar.

Thanks to Laurie Kronenberg, look at the eigth page of Catwoman issue #34


Check what Gustavo from Spain sent me a few days ago. It's the cover from "Warren presents" issue #2, published in May 1979.


Here's the cover to Catwoman issue #33.


A new website about comic book creators : ComicBookmarks.com.


At last some news! Thanks to Dave, here's an interview found on the Comic Book Resources site.


Don't worry, the site is still alive! I just have some "problems" at my work. I will be back on Paul's site as soon as possible.


About the artbook of Paul Gulacy's work, Norbert ask me some questions about how ordering it. Here's the answer from Michael Kronenberg :

The book (due around March 2005) will be available in Previews, amazon.com, various bookstores and Vanguard Production's website.


Well, the interview is in Portuguese. Thanks to Gustavo and to Gabriel for warning me about my mistake.


Some news about Six From Sirius find, thank to Jan, on he Newsrama website

And here an interview of Paul in Spanish, I think. If I'm wrong about the language, just mail me so.


Another cover from Paul, and thanks to Dave, a scan of a new Catwoman T-shirt.


I just get this e-mail from Michael Kronenberg :

Attached is the cover for Comic Book Marketplace #111, which contains my interview with Paul. The magazine will be on sale this Wednesday. The interview is 12 pages and in full color. The issue has an abbreviated Gulacy checklist courtesy of Dave Lemieux, and also also has an ad for the book I'm designing and compiling on Paul.


Here's page 14th from catwoman #30, and here's the first page from Catwoamn #31.


A new scene from Catwoman issue #30.


A news from Laurie Kronemberg, colorist on Paul's Catwoman :

Catwoman issues #32 and #33 will be done by a fill-in artist. Paul only will do the covers for issues #32 and #33.
He will be back in full force on issue #34.


Take a look at the colored cover to the book about Paul's artwork.


Here's the 8th page from Catwoman issue #30


A new page from Catwoman issue #30


Some news about the book about Paul's artwork.


A splash page from Catwoman issue #30


To answer a question from Stuart, Paul will stay on "Catwoman" as long as DC want to.


Two new scenes, page 12 and page 14, from Catwoman #29


A new scene from Catwoman #29


Take a look at the 15th page of Catwoman issue #28.


A new scene from Catwoman issue #28.


The cover of the "Terror" TPB is online. Thanks to Stuart.

And the list part 3 has been updated too. Jan from Denmark sent me the corrections.


Jan told me that there was no Gulacy's artwork on issues #4, #5 and #16 of Dark Horse Presents. But here's a mail from Dave :

Jan is correct about Dark Horse Presents #'s 4 & 6....although in # 16, Paul provided inks only on the Captain Crusader story (7 pages). The art was by Gary Martin.

And Stuart sent me what follows :

I own the mentioned issue (#4) and it does contain a preview by Gulacy for issue #5.
Also the attached scan is from Dark Horse Presents issue #6, page 20 (detail)


Here's a new scene from Catwoman issue #29.


You speak French? You live in Canada? You want to find some french translated MoKF issues? So check the list part 4. Dave sent me a huge file to update this list!


Norbert from Germany sent some updates for the List Part 4! If you live in Germany, check it!


Jan from Denmark sent me this :

Dark Horse Presents # 4 + 6 + 16 : no Gulacy work !! (info from "The Grand Comicbook Database Project")

Oups! I don't know how this big mistakes could have enterd the List Part 3...

Well this list has been updated! Thanks Jan.


Not yet enough of Catwoman?


Gustavo sent me the cover to "Spectacular Spider-man" issue #8. It's been a long time that I wanted to take a look at that cover! Thanks Gustavo.


The Gulacy's artbook is still in the early stages of discussion. They're going over whether to include color pieces or not. They originally only wanted it as a b&w book and just comic pages and line art.

And if you like Catwoman check that, from Catwoman issue #28.

And the List Part 3 is updated


The List Part 3 is updated


Here's a new scene from Catwoman issue #28.

Gustavo mailed me to say that the Trade Paperback of "Batman : Terror" was out since October, 2003.


Here's the first page of Catwoman issue #28.


Take a look a the sixth page of Catwoman issue #28


Take a look a the first page of Catwoman issue #27


Some news from Brazil. Marcelo sent me some updates for the List Part 4. Thanks Marcelo.


Happy new year!

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