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This is the year 2002 old updates of the site. To see the lastest news click here.


   Hello guys! I will be unable for a few days, two weeks at the most, to update the site. So don't worry, the site is still running!


   The List Part 3 has been updated, again. Thanks to Dave!


   Take a look here at the fourth cover of "Shang Chi : Master Of Kung Fu".


   The List Part 3 has been updated. Thanks to Dave!


   The third issue of "Shang Chi : Master of Kung Fu" is released.

   Here's a mail Dave has just sent me :

Hi Matt!

  Here's another piece of news from the latest Diamond Previews book. There will be a Paul Gulacy interview in the Jack Kirby Collector # 38 which is due out in February. Paul will be commenting on Kirby's influence on comics and on his own work. It should be good reading.


You know what, folks? I did read this issue of Previews, and I missed this good news.

Shame on me!


Thanks to one of my most "dedicated assistant", yeah, it's you Dave, the List Part 3 has been updated. More updates will follow.

And thanks to Stu, here's the cover to the 40th issue of "Turok"


Shang Chi Master Of Kung Fu #4 of 6 ranks 86 in the Previews Top 100 of December 2002.


Here comes the third one.


Here comes the second one. Thanks again Stu!


Stu just sent me some cool pics, here comes the first one, taken from the "Vampire Tales" issue issue #7. It's the first page of the Bats story


Jan Bentzen just send me a mail telling me about "Reload" the next miniseries by Warren Ellis as writer, Paul Gulacy of course as penciler and Jimmy Palmiotti as inker.

W) Warren Ellis (P) Paul Gulacy (I) Jimmy Palmiotti (E) Ben Abernathy
3 issues, second quarter 2003

One person with the right information, training and equipment can do more damage than a regiment of soldiers…and that's the sort of person loose in Washington, D.C. Kiva Reed is about to uncover the real power behind the U.S. government: organized crime!

Said Ellis, "Ask any artist what they want to draw and they say 'girls ... leather ... can things blow up'? This is a summer movie on paper, a political action thriller ... and lots of things blow up.".

Thanks Jan!


Here's the cover to the third issue of MoKF.


The second issue of "Shang Chi Master of Kun Fu" is out.


Shang Chi Master Of Kung Fu #1 of 4 ranks 49 in the Previews Top 100 of September 2002.


If you came to this site without seeing the main page, check it, there's a new logo on it. Done by Mike, a friend of Paul Gulacy.


Here's something funny... Thanks Dave! .

I almost forgot to tell you that Dave sent also me some info for the List Part 3.


Here's the cover to the second issue of MoKF.


If you have some bucks to spend on some cool Original Work by Paul Gulacy, try this cool page from Ken Danker.


I find this on the net! Never saw it before! Cool pic!


The first issue of "Shang Chi Master of Kun Fu" is out!


Some few questions asked to Jimmy Palmiotti about his work on the new MoKF miniseries, done by the guys at The Scoop site.


Seen in the last "Previews", the new MoKF miniseries is really a six part story. Not a four part as seen earlier in a previous "Previews" issue.


Well this time, Paul himself, and Todd sent me a mail to look for this interview on the Pulse comic site.


A big thanks to Gustavo for finding this interview on the 'Net of Doug and Paul, about the new MoKF miniseries.


Another colored page of MoKF that Todd helped me find on the 'Net.


Here's a message from Paul himself about his current work on The new MoKF miniseries.


Here's a small interview, really small, of Jimmy Palmiotti on his work on Master of Kung Fu. Courtesy of "The Scoop" site.


Thansk to Dave, look at the cover to the issue #64 of a mexican issue of Master of Kung Fu. Thanks again Dave!


A long long time ago I used to update the site very often. Well, I try for some time now to buy a flat with my girlfriend, my computer has almost blown off in front of me, I had two more motorbike crashes, THE SAME DAY , and I will go to work in a different city in one month or so...

So I don't think there will be a lot of updates in a short time. I'm curently trying to learn how to use the PHP and the MySQL stuffs, with the help of one of my friend, Charles-Edouard. Thanks man!

I hope to have another working computer really soon, and I will be back working on the site on a more regular basis. Take Care. Matt.


Well today's my birhtday. I am 29 today!

Anyway. Here's the last colored page Paul sent me of the first issue of tne new MoKF miniseries.


I almost forgot to tell you that the last issue of S.C.Y. Spy is out! I did not get to Paris yet, so I don't have read it. Next week for sure.


And now page 12 of the first issue of the new MoKF miniseries!


Yeah! Time to take a really good look at the cover to the first issue of the new MoKF miniseries.


Daveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You're e-mail address is not working any more! I just try again to send you a really cool pic, but my message come back to me!


Daveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You're e-mail address is not working any more!


Take a look at an old cover, Danger Trail issue #4


Here's a commissioned artwork of Sylvester "Rocky" Stallone from Paul Gulacy way back in 1980, ordered bye Craig Zablo.


Pages 21, and 22 are posted. Thanks again Won.


Pages 18, 19 and 20 are posted. Thanks again Won.


Dave "TheBest", I think the last e-mail address you gave me is not working any more. Please write me so I can have the new one!

Pages 15, 16 and 17 are posted. Thanks again Won.


Pages 12, 13 and 14 are posted. Thanks again Won.


Pages 9, 10 and 11 are posted. Thanks again Won.


Pages 6, 7 and 8 are posted. Thanks again Won.


Pages 3, 4 and 5 are posted. Thanks again Won.


Here are the first and second page of a Macchio/Gulacy story, published in 1981 in the Bizarre Adventure magazine issue #25

Thanks to Won For sending me those files!


And now, guess who sent me some new stuff for the site? You say Dave as usual? You're wrong! No this time you'll get something that Won Kim just sent me... Wait till tomorrow to see what is it!


I'm back. And what a cool surprise to find this on my e-mail boxe. Thanks Dave! You're the man.


Hi everybody! I'll be in vacations for two weeks in Montreal, Canada. So the site will not be updated during these two weeks!


Here's an interview Paul gave to Bob Cough for the Mile High Comics website.


The lastest issue of S.C.I. Spy, issue #4, is out! If you have not seen the main page of the site, check the cover to issue #5, here. Enjoy.


Some stats : Overall Accesses : 1,542,841 - and Home Page Accesses : 27,918. Great, isnt'it?


Here's a mail Dave sent me some few days ago :

Hi Matt!

  In the latest issue of the Comics Buyer's Guide (# 1484) dated 4/26/02, Andrew Smith (one of their regular columnists) rated the Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy MOKF issues between # 18 - 51 as being one of the Top 20 greatest comics runs of all time. I'd have to agree! This was based on reader response to CBG along with his own input. Other series that made the cut included the Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams issues of Green Lantern/Green Arrow # 76 -89 ,the Englehart/Rogers issues of Detective Comics # 469-479 , Frank Miller's Daredevil issues # 158-191 and the classic Chris Claremont/John Byrne issues of X-Men # 108-143. That's some good company!

  By the way, the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issues of the Fantastic Four were also in the list...of course!



S;C.Y. Spy issue #3 is out today!


Here's a cool oil painting! Enjoy!


The second issue of S.C.Y. Spy is out since last week.... Oups, I'm late.

By the way, it's been a long time that Bob send me a scan of the original cover to "Eternal Warrior" issue #40. Take a look here.

And finally, let's read what Dave send me about MOKF :

On March 2nd, 2002, Jimmy Palmiotti reported that the new MOKF series will be 6 issues. He also reported that he had just received the first batch of pages to be inked for the series.

Then, on March 4th, 2002, Paul Gulacy reported that an MOKF Essential TPB (reprinting of the old classic MOKF issues in black & white) appeared unlikely, due to legal issues involving the Sax Rohmer estate which has the rights to the Fu Manchu character.

Paul also reported that he wouldn't mind a continued run on a regular schedule of MOKF, following the limited series, if the sales figures supported it.


Here's a painting I think you have never seen before!


   Well I'm late again. Let me tell you that when you begin to play at "Unreal Tournament" online, it's hard to log off...

   So, since you all bought it already last week, the first issue of "S.C.I. Spy" is out.

   Gustavo and Jan sent me some cool info to fix some mistakes on the different lists of Paul's work. As soon as I kick my butt myself, and stop playing online, I will work on this info!

   Well... I just find this cover ready to be displayed on the site... Thanks Gustavo, for sending it to me.

   And finally, I just fixed some mistakes and add some new stuff to the List Part 2 and List Part 3, thanks to Jen from Danemark for helping me out!


   All right! Listen to this : Paul has finished to work on "S.C.I. Spy", and will begin to work on "Master of Kung Fu" in ten days or so...

   And I would like to say that I'm eager to be tomorrow, 'cause in France we usualy get our comics on thursday. The shop open at 10h30, so I still have to wait... 10 hours, 39 minutes and 45 seconds before I can buy the first issue of "S.C.I. Spy"! :)


   And now take a look at the original painting of the "Terminator : Secondary Objectives" TPB. You'll see that the actual cover is darker and as not the same visual power than the painting.


   I don't know if you remember that, a fight between Shang Shi and guess who?... :)


   Some words by Paul, here! Some photos too!


   Here comes Dave again :

In the latest Diamond Previews book, Paul is listed as one of the contributors for the non-profit September 11 Volume 2 comic due out in February 2001. All profits will benefit the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Gulacy will apparently contribute at least a 1 page illustration (and perhaps more). Please note that there are 2 volumes of this softcover book, and that Paul's work will be included in Volume 2. Let's spread the word for this good cause.

   The word has been spread! :) Thanks Dave.


   Here what Dave read in the issue #1468 of the "Comic Buyer's Guide" ( dated 1/4/02) :

S.C.I. -Spy #1
DC/Vertigo, $2.50,color, 32 pgs

Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy take international intrigue to an interstellar setting in this six-issue mini-series. Sebastian Starchild is a secret agent sent to the Arcturus system as part os Special Covert Investigation (S.C.I.) to stop the threat of a system wide-war.

Bennet : It's been entirely too long since Moench and Gulacy last produced their distinctive brand of razor-edged science fiction (Six From Sirius). Without losing a step or missing a beat, they're back with a juicy pupl romp that has everything we'd expect from them, except the inevitable sexy femme fatale with the sprayed-on spacesuit. Here's hoping there's one coming. Grade : B.
Biggers : If ever there are txo creators menat to work together ; it's Moench and Gulacy. Sure, each of them can do entertaining work ithout the other - but the gestalt is like magic. This SF-espionnage series with pulp overtones is sheer fun from the first page. Can't wait to read the rest of the series. Gulacy seems to be cutting loose a bit more than usual on the art ; it's obvious that he's having fun and it's contagious. Grade A.
Shorr : you know, these two guys don't get nearly the recognition they should, but Moench and Gulacy have been teaming up for oustanding comic book for decades now. Six From Sirius, Sabre, Slash Maraud, and many more that don't start with the letter ¨S¨ : Seek them out ! This is another excellent addition to the pantheon, with Gulacy's trademark look and Moench's classic dry and witty dialogue. I'm certainly looking forward to being able to read one in person. Grade : A.
Mateer :Let's welcome back Moench-Gulacy team, as comfortable by now as an old '70s T-shirt (the one you only get out of the closet occasionally now, afraid you'll wear it ou)t. Clever wordplay, science-fiction spy action, op-art panels to indicate computer/communication effects - hey, it may be retro, but it still looks good, even to newer audiences who've never seen it before, and it's still a lot of fun. Grade : B+.

   And some changes have been made in the List Part 3, thanks Gustavo, and in the List Part 4 a new table has been added : Germany! Thanks Ben.


   Back to work, and here what Dave sent me awhile ago :

In the latest issue of the Comic Buyer's Guide (#1468- dated 1/4/02), the 1st issue of Sci-Spy was reviewed by 5 comicbook retailers and given very good marks. Cliff Biggers stated, "Gulacy seems to be cutting loose a bit more than usual on the art; it's obvious that he's having fun and it's contagious." Grade: A.

   And Gustavo, don't worry I didn't lost your mail. I will work on it soon...


   Happy new year!

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