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   And here is the second cover of "Six From Sirius".


   I scan anew the cover of the first issue of "Six From Sirius", here.

   And thanks to Dave you can take a look at this cool scan, it's a pin-up of Hugo Strange from "Who's Who in the DC Universe" #9 from 1991.


   And now read what the last "Previews" says about SCI-Spy , and take a look at what it seems to be the final colored copy of the first cover :

   Sebastian Starchild. like alI great secret agents, is a stubborn lone wolf with a penchant for the ladies and a knack for saving the world - or in his case, the universe. He's got a flashy ray gun, a floating cyber sidekick, and a galaxy-hopping starship. In short. he's a new kind of secret agent for a new era of comics readers.
   S.C.I.-SPY is a 6-issue, genre-bending VERTIGO miniseries brought to you by the team behind BATMAN : OUTLAWS and GREEN LANTERN : DRAGON LORD - writer Doug Moench and penciller Paul Gulacy - who are joined by inker Jimmy Palmiotti (The Punisher). S.C.I.-SPY combines fast-paced sci-fi action, political intrigue, sexy twists, and just a dash of tongue-in-cheek humor.
   After the destruction of Earth. humans were forced to travel the galaxy in search of new star systems to terraform and colonize. Millions of light-years away. the Arcturus system is a planetary cluster of awesome magnitude ideologically split between the inner world inhabited by cyberneticalty enhanced "beautiful" people and outer worlds rife with crime and searching for autonomy and respect. This interplanetary Cold War has had its minor conflicts and espionage for years. but recent activities have escalated into outright acts of sabotage, piracy and terrorism. Motherbank, the disembodied, all-powerfulleader of the inner worlds - and head of their intelligence agency, Special Covert Investigations (S.C.I.) - directs her best agent, Sebastian Starchild, to deal with the threat before a full-scale war erupts. Aided (under protest) by sexy and deadly super-spy Isis Nile and by his own trusty cybernetic sidekick, Orb, Starchild is off to battle space pirates, stop a legion of world-eating hungerbugs, and uncover an intergalactic mystery. It's a mystery so deep and dark that it threatens not only to destroy the placid utopias of the inner worlds, but also to solve Starchild's own unsuspected origin and reveal the shocking truth about Earth's actual fate.

   This project is supported with house and trade ads
   S.C.I.-SPY is a 6-issue VERTIGO miniseries edited by Will Dennis and is suggested for mature readers.
   The 32-page issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores February 6 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S.


   Damn! 8:50am, I'm gonna be late for work... Anyway, good news! The first issue of SCI-Spy will be released next february! Have a nice day.


   And now take a look at the second cover to SCI-Spy.


   Here's an unpublished work by Paul back in 1972.


   Some changes in List 3 have been made. Thanks Gustavo.


   Thanks to Gustavo, some mistakes have been fixed in List part two. Look at the pinked letters.


   Have you ever seen something more beautiful than that?


   Dave, always the same fresh guy, send me one copy on Amazing Heroes issue #159, and here's the interview of Paul published in this issue.

   By the way, Dragon Lord issue #3 should be out the fifth of July.


   Thanks to Gustavo, take a look at this funny cover....


   Here's the first pin-up...


   Hi guys! Paul just sent me some cool stuff from Portland. I will post some of it tomorrow on the site. Did I say cool stuff? No Fresh, grear, awesome art, yes!


   Dear Daniel! Mon ami, instead of telling me that I typed "06/16/01" at the end of the page linked below (we're only the 06/14/01), you should have told me that I typed "thans" below and not "thanks"! Just kidding, Daniel.

   In fact I would like to thanks everyone who helped and will help me improving this site. So if you see a problem, any kind of problem, e-mail me here!


   And now the american copy of Eclipse with this cover! Thans again Gustavo.


   Here's the cover to the issue #147 of "Rawhide Kid". Thanks Gustavo.


   Here comes Dave again :

   Guess what I just recently discovered....about 2 months ago , DC Vertigo Comics published Weird Western Tales # 2 which featured a 10 page story by Paul called Palomino. Paul also did his own inking. The writer was someone named Darko Macan & it's a pretty good story. The book listed a May 2001 cover date. How did we miss this one??? (It's not the same western story that Paul did for Flinch.) Let's spread the word on this one.

   Done! :)


   Here's the pic Gustavo sent me a couple of days ago.


   Look at what Jim says about the news below : "Oh, please God, PLEASE let it happen!". I totally agree! :)


   Here a mail Dave sent me yesterday!

   A short article appeared in this week's Comic Buyer's Guide # 1439 (dated 6/15/01) which talked about Paul & Doug's return to MOKF. Marvel editor Axel Alonzo said that the series will last 6 to 8 issues. Paul was quoted in the article several times. The article also indicated that Paul & Doug's Sci-Spy series for Vertigo comics would be 6 issues. Axel said he has spoken at length with both Doug & Paul regarding the Shang Chi series, and that he will soon speak with Doug to review the possible storyline for the series.


   And there is a cool scan of an uninked page from "Outlaws"! Thanks Gustavo.


   Did I talk to you about Dave? Yeah well check this to see what he sent me! The scan is mine and it's better done that the pic I picked up from the 'Net some time ago. Yeah thanks Dave!


   And now some few words from the man himself, Paul gulacy :

   We just wrapped up Dragonlord last week and now we're embarking on the science fiction series called Sci-Spy. Before I get into that, I'd like to mention that the response to Dragonlord has been mixed. Anyone who is disappointed has a good reason to be even though it's selling briskly. It seems that another writer/artist team that preceded us could'nt adhere to their deadline. As a result, our series was bumped up to fill that gap. This put emormous pressure on all of us to get it done on time. Joe Rubentsein was the assigned inker, it was out of my hands. We all did the best we could under the circumstances.

   With that said, I still feel it's a solid story. Bear in mind these things do occur at times in the world of publishing. Now on to our creater-owned series for Vertigo. I dreamed this up over a year ago and I think you'll like it if you can picture James Bond meeting Star Wars. Sebastion Starchild is the greatest secret agent in the galaxy and his latest assignment has him crossing paths with some of the strangest and deadliest freaks in outer space. Bizarre assassins, gorgeous alien women, thrilling chases and even a black hole thrown in for good measure. Check it and get lost in space this fall.

   After that, it's over to Marvel to work on, yep,the return of Master of Kung Fu. Pass the No Doz, somebody !

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